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  Born in Winterthur, Switzerland
1982: First professional commitment with the band SUNCITY (Calypso/RaggaeBand). Bandleader CHARLES D. LEWIS lands international hit “Soca Dance”. At this time Tochtermann is the only European musician in the band. Several performances throughout Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munic and several more). This introduction to World Music now becomes his passion for life.
1983: Performs in concerts throughout Germany with jazz/rock group AGUIRRE.
1985: Studies until 1989 at the FRANKFURTER MUSIKWERKSTATT  (school for jazz and popular music).
1989: Freelance work in Frankfurt, Germany.
Opportunity to work with FITZROY BURROUGHS (Trinidad). Both perform together at several live concerts. Recording for the Sampler “Multi Cultural Affairs Frankfurt”; all initiated by DANIEL COHN-BENDIT.
Appearance at the National Theatre (Wiesbaden, Germany): “Classic Meets Rock”. Further performances follow: SOUND OF FRANKFURT with TOM SCHLÜTER (RTL Night Show), STEFANIE HÖVEL (TIGER PALAST, FRANKFURT ), THE JACKSONS (Gospelchoire) at a live show with Special guest KATY WEBSTER (Old Opera, Frankfurt). Works and performs with THE GREGGLERS (instrumental trio with original compositions).
1995: Tochtermann moves for three months to Brazil to further his career. First contacts to various musicians in Rio de Janeiro. Due to Portuguese language skills, he is able to quickly enter the music scene.
1996: CD production with original songs. Lyrics are written by FELIPE TADEU (Brazilian journalist and lyricist living in Germany). All songs are sung by Rosanna Tavares (ROSANNA&ZELIA).
Records several guitars for the CD “Hazzazar” by singer and songwriter HANNS-JOERG SCHEID (personal friend). Returns to Brazil. During this one year stay, Tochtermann participates in several concerts with well-known Brazilian artists.
1997: Second CD (GRINGO) with self-compositions and the lyrics from Brazilien writers is recorded. SERGIO NATUREZA (lyricist, worked for ELIS REGINA, PAULINHO DA VIOLA,  etc) is one of them. The success of this CD is ensured by the teamwork of approximately thirty musicians and seven vocalists.

The ZDF (German television station) portrays Tochtermann’s biography in July. This programme is broadcasted in Germany in August. Returns to Germany in September to continue projects for studio takes.
1998: Another trip to Rio to participate in creating new CD by CLARA SANDRONI and PAULO BAIANO. Receives the opportunity to co-host a live interview from the Carnival in Rio for German television. Recordings in March for the self-composition “Tao” with IVAN LINS on vocals (Grammy award winner and well-known Brazilian artist).
1999: Recording sessions for the new CD by NANETTE SCRIBA (“Zart im Nehmen”).
2000: Tochtermann volunteers as a producer for the Frankfurt recording studio BITON. He produces jingles and layouts for several prestigious companies such as AUDI (SAATCHI&SAATCHI) and RENAULT (PUBLICIS).
2001: Involvements and performances with acoustic guitars in several concerts with
vocalists in different occupations such as follows:
CASHMERE MOVES with American performer AMY LEVERENZ. This was a mixture of music and spoken poetry by KLAU, SCHWITTER and various other German poets. They had appearances in the STALBURG and the GALLUS THEATER, for example.
The DATRICK DUO performs with singer and pianist RICK COLEMAN (Washington DC) on piano/vocals and Tochtermann on acoustic guitars/vocals.
Furthermore, Tochtermann organizes the musical arrangements for a Carribean band performing for DERTOUR (German travel agency). The tour takes place in Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Nuernberg and Stuttgart, Germany.
2002: Tochtermann structures his own studios.
Appearances with British jazz singer HELENA PAUL in Mannheim, Germany. Works and performances with American blues singer APRIL KING, for example at Frankfurt Music-Club BLUES&BEYOND and at the Frankfurt Roemer (City Government). Special honor with the opportunity to perform in a duet with MARIA BLATZ (2001 award winner of the German Rock and Pop Music Organisation).
2004: Productions of jingles for industrial film companies are created and made in
Tochtermann’s studios. The project B-MAIL is launched with help from BENNI PFEIFER (Munic, Germany). This projects by the two consists songs with German lyrics. Many solo appearances are followed by acoustic guitars and vocals (ACOUSTIC GUITAR ENTERTAINMENT). The repertoire with Brazilian titles include evergreens and pop.
2005: Tochtermann’s reunion with Hannsjörg Scheid (now HANS YORK, Seattle, Washington) enables both to work again on York’s new CD “In and Out”. The talented and notable EDO ZANKI is present at several gigs.

Spezial guest appearance with the band GASTONE at the STALBURG Concerts (summer open air). Singer and Guitar Player GIUSEPPE PORRELLO has co-written some songs for the new CD from NADJA BENAISSA (ex NO ANGELS).
2006: March – several gigs at UNITY (GEORGE DEE, VANESSA MASON, etc.).
Duo performance with CHIMA (EMI/3P) for a wedding at the 3P company grounds. Additional gig at UNITY with TERCA (former PRELUDERS). Performance with NADJA BENAISSA in Berlin, Germany, on the occasion of the EMI party “Acoustic Lounge” (at FELIX).
Show in Frankfurt (NACHTLEBEN) with Brazilien singer and guitar player ZELIA FONSECA.
2007: In February concerts in Munich and Hamburg with Nadja Benaissa (No Angels). Member of the liveband from POPSTARS ON STAGE (Pro7), a famous german casting show. Members of the jury were Nina Hagen, Detlef D! Soost, Dieter Falk, Marusha und Jane Comerford. All winners of the show are now in the band called "ROOM 2012".
2008: Travelling two month through Brasil, with several small gigs.
Studio recording for self-made CD “TO MINGLE AND MINE” with the
OMNIA String Quartet. (Members of the NEW PHILOHARMONY FRANKFURT).
In November, contributor in the band for the anniversary show 50 years of
STARS IN THE MANEGE (ARD). Among the guests were: Wladimir Klitschko, Joey Kelly, Heino Ferch, Uschi Glas and many more. Moderation: Nina Ruge. Broadcasted on 25.12.2009.
2010: In Spring, the CD Release of the self-made production TO MINGLE AND MINE. Over 20 musicians and eight several singers (Ivan Lins, Marcos Sacramento, Rosanna Tavares, Clara Sandroni......) are involved in the recording.
In the September/October edition, a review of the CD “TO MINGLE AND MINE” appeared in the magazine JAZZTHETIK.
2011: In January, studio recording for the „BERMAN BROTHERS“, an international successful music producer and composer duo.