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To Mingle And Mine

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Positive announcement in Brazilian Portuguese for – „it took a long time but now it‘s finished“ When I started the recordings for this project, I never thought that it would be so difficult to finish it. But I also never could have imagined that at the end there will be such an amazing result with seven different singers and over twenty musicians involved. Actually, in the beginning there was no bigger plan, but living and working in Rio de Janeiro opened up a lot of possibilities for me. All of a sudden, surrounded by so many open-minded musicians and singers, listening to all this wonderful music, I started playing and recording for other friends’ projects and records. Many times there was no money to earn but it was always a lot of fun and a great chance to develop my own musical horizon. It was a kind of bartering like back in the old days, you give something at once and get it back when you need a ”little help from your friends“. So I started to write new compositions on the lines of those which I had already made in Germany with the Brazilian writer and great friend Felipe Tadeu. Together with Sergio Natureza and Antonio Saraiva, I found some brilliant lyricists and I‘m very proud of having worked with all three of them.

Antonio Saraiva Felipe Tadeu Sergio Natureza
Antonio Saraiva
Felipe Tadeu
Sergio Natureza

Thinking about the arrangements, I have chosen different instruments for every song. But I liked to have a sound pretty close to a live recording, so I decided to have a quartet recording the base of each song together in an overnight session (the cheapest hour) at a modern and large studio in Rio. It‘s impossible to mention again all the great musicians who recorded at this CD but these three are very much responsible for the whole basic sound. On bass it‘s Bruno Migliari and on percussion Celso Alvim and Sidom Silva. At first, I rehearsed and recorded a pre-production with a four track recorder at their places and then, together with my acoustic nylonstring guitar, we had our „little quartet“ recording the basic of the songs „live“ from 22.00 – 06.00 at Gorilla Mix Studio in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks a lot again for making this sacrifice.

Without mentioning every single singer’s name, in a certain way all of them fulfilled a composer’s dream. It‘s such a great feeling to hear one’s own melodies interpreted in such a wonderful way. Sometimes it‘s like the melody is not only mine anymore, it’s like it comes alive again in its own new way.
But I have to thank specially Ivan Lins for his participation. He was one of the first besides Milton Nascimento and Elis Regina I listened to, when I discovered the Brazilian musical world for me. I never thought I would even talk to him and then he offered to sing one of my songs on this CD. Ivan, I‘m for shure one of your biggest fans.

Antonio Saraiva Felipe Tadeu
Jan Beiling Paulo Brandão

One very important person is also Paulo Brandão. He did not only play bass at one song, together with him I started organizing the whole project and he recorded the overnight „live session“ and later on the vocals. Jan Beiling did the same thing in Germany. He played saxophone, piano, wrote/ arranged the string quartet on „Rosa Na Tarde“ and supported my „Brazil Love Affairs“ all these years. I think it would have been impossible without them to produce this CD.
And there have been many times I couldn‘t work on the project. After staying almost two years in Brazil, it was not easy for me to get work as a musician again in Germany. My musical career was not allways pushing in the direction of my „Latin Love Affair“. But besides working and surviving as a musician, I always did additional recordings and transferred the recordings to hard disc (it was recorded on ADAT) to be „up to date“. Sometimes there was no time, sometimes no money, but slowly the whole thing became more mature. Listening to all these wonderful musicians
and singers, I always knew that one day I would have the chance and even the responsibility to release this CD. But I always had a special sound in my mind and I could even still hear it in imaginary string quartets in some parts. After some nice TV jobs as a guitar player, I was able to realize all my plans and I even have taken the chance to do the mastering with Greg Calbi at Sterlingsound Studios in New York. And now, I‘m sitting here writing these liner notes. Wow, like I said, it took a long time. So, once again: thanks to all the people who helped me to create this CD!
Finally, I would like to thank Rosanna Tavares, she was not only singing two songs on this CD, it was her who brought art and light here, even in my non-musician live. I will never forget you.

Daniel, January 2010